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Our beloved CEO Pavan Shetty

Jnanasarovara is a unique institution. In the present scenario we exclusively find a handful of organizations where the management is involved to an enormous magnitude. Jnanasarovara is the only or one of the institutions where parents have an opportunity to express their problems by communicating with the promoters. Each child here is special and is free to express his or her problems. It is important to maintain a positive balancing factor between the parents and student community to achieve the anticipations. We at Jnanasarovara are striving to achieve this to a large extent and make it a better place to live. We have installed feedback boxes in hostels where a child can express his thoughts directly to the chairman of the institution.

The major leap in updating our technological outputs to provide the apt atmosphere to our children was to join hands with PEARSON groups. With their help we brought ICT, V-SAT coaching for 12th graders and a sea change in our curriculum. Appearing in competitive exams like ASSET, Olympiad and NTSE keep students acquainted with logical and lateral thinking. The school curriculum is designed to address the individuality of each student, maximize the growth of learner and promote creativity, curiosity, determination, independence, self reliance, adaptability and teamwork. It focuses on the learner’s developmental needs and abilities and it is an activity-based learning process where experimentation, self-discovery, high level of engagement and hands-on experience are given importance, in addition to exam preparation.

Pearson is the world's leading learning company. Pearson has more than 130 million students worldwide in over 60 countries. Pearson Schools is the fastest growing chain of schools in India with 27 schools in 17 cities and over 15,000 students across India, so far. Pearson seek to provide the best of academic standards with international teaching methodology, qualified and trained teaching staff, multimedia-based interactive content; making it a fun learning environment that is innovative, challenging and enterprising. The focus is not just on academic excellence but also on culture and sports. The aim is to create future-ready global citizens who can confidently take on the challenges of the world.

I on behalf of Jnanasarovara thank every parent for their co-operation.