Advisory Panel

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said, “What, lies behind us and what lies before us are small compared to what lies within us”. At our school we continually strive to achieve this and instill in our students the conviction to realize their complete potential. Every child is a gem with unique talents that require constant nurturing. With this belief as the foundation for all our efforts, we stride towards the future with confidence.

Armed with the global resources of Pearson we are well placed to provide students with an environment conducive to achievement and holistic development. With an objective to embody the best of international curriculum, we have created a vibrant and enriching atmosphere providing a plethora of opportunities and activities required for a child to grow and become a future ready global youth who can survive and excel in this competitive and multifaceted world.

I welcome you to the Pearson family and invite you to embark on a remarkable journey of learning with your child.